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  • CB-50 CPAP Battery CB-50 CPAP Battery
  • CB-50 Battery Inputs and outputs CB-50 Battery Inputs and outputs
  • CB-50 CPAP Battery with SOLAR CB-50 CPAP Battery with SOLAR
  • CB-50 CPAP Battery Pack CB-50 CPAP Battery Pack

400 Watt Lithium Ion CPAP Camping Power Supply

Quick Overview

The CB-50 lithium ion power station is the perfect CPAP battery supply for camping. It can be charged via AC/DC, Solar or 12V DC (car cigarette). It can power a CPAP machine for over a week before needing to be recharged. The CB-150 can also be used to power the whole camp site!


CB-50 battery pack


NOTE- The CB-50 works with all make and model CPAP Machines. It is important upon purchase that you email and let them know the make and model of your CPAP machine so that they can provide the correct DC Cable to run between the CPAP Machine and Battery. For fisher and paykel machines, there is no DC Cable required (Plugs directly into the 400 watt inverter). 

The CB-50 is the perfect battery for camping, caravaning and other outdoor adventure activities. It is powered by a 12V, 50 Ah Lithium Ion battery that can run your CPAP machine for well over 7 nights before needing to be recharged.

The CB-50 Can be charged via AC/DC (wall charger), 12V DC (car, boat, caravan) and solar. 

It has number of saftey features including, over-current, under-voltage, over-voltage, overload, overheat and short circuit protection.

The CB-50 is equiped with a 400 watt, pure sinewave inverter which means you can power small electrical AC devices under 400 Watts. This is perfect for running camp lights, DVD Players, stereo systems and other camping equipment.

The battery also has a number of 12V outputs.

cb-50 cpap battery


  • Compact design and lightweight
  • IP65 Water resistant
  • Anti Skid sheeth
  • LED Charge indicators
  • Charge via 3 ways
  • USB ports
  • Can be used to jump start cars

 CB-50 cpap battery pack

Whats included:

  • CB-50 Battery
  • AC-DC Charger
  • DC Charger
  • Car Jump Start leads

Optional Extras

  • 50 Watt external Solar Panel

cb-50 cpap battery

cpap battery

 CB-50 specifications



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  1. Another 5 star product! review by True Blue on 10/21/2015

    I have 3 batteries from this mob now! A small one i use on planes, a bigger one i use for camping and now this bad boy! i use for 4x4 driving. They make great products. This is my new favourite! All my mates loved it and we used it to power lots of things other than CPAP (although it does work great with my Resmed). Nick is a character but knows his stuff. Very happy with cpap batteries

  2. Power the whole camp! review by Bruce M on 10/21/2015

    For near $2000 you would expect a good battery! And that is what we got. This device is truly remarkable. Yes it works great with my ResMed Machine however it is so much more than that. It was the complete power supply for our whole campsite. Kids charged their ipads and phones, ran lighting during the night, DVD player, air pumps, 12v fridge, the list goes on! We had so many fellow campers enquire as to where we got it from! It is a bit heavy but we found it to be so useful. I would definitely recommend this if you can afford it and if you like camping. Even if you don't have a CPAP!

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